Now is the time.

Many of my clients have been suffering with whatever problem brings them to me for quite a long time. This is true of pain, muscle stiffness and other physical complaints just as much as it is of depression and anxiety.

I  spent much of my working life in the child and adolescent mental health field and one of the questions that we would always ask a young adult and or their family is why are you asking for help now, what stopped you from asking for help a year or six months ago?

Of course in that field today, the answer may well be that they did ask for help a year ago and they had been on a waiting list since then!

I rarely have a waiting list though a same week appointment isn’t always possible. I also urge anyone wondering about making an appointment not to wait. In ecology, there is a saying, “The best time to plant a tree is ten or a hundred years ago. The next best time is now! The same is true of getting help for the psychological, spiritual or physical problems that ail us.