Cardamom, for digestion and self confidence.

Cardamom is one of the best oils for digestive problems, be that nausea, constipation or a number of others. In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it smooths the flow of Qi. It is particularly good for helping to calm things down after vomiting has taken place.

However this oil which I used for the first time in a while with a client this month is good for a lot more. It is particularly suited to the individual who lacks belief in their own abilities  and relies too much on the opinions of others. That is not to say it will make one disregard others’ opinions to the point of arrogance rather that it will help one to have a more balanced view of the self.

It is just one of over sixty oils that I use in my practice and every one of them is sometimes the ideal oil for a client either on its own or in combination with others.