Cold? Not here!

Massage practitioners have different ways of managing the temperature for their clients. Some use hot water bottles or heat pads, some use an electric warmer for the couch to go under the couch cover. Still others (like myself) like to use a wood stove.

The important thing is that the room should not be too cold and the client should never feel that the room is too cold. Many I know have a room thermometer and some have the house central heating thermostat housed in the massage room.

When working from the Salus Clinic in Central Cambridge the clocks have thermometers built in to them which helps avoid the therapist having to make a subjective judgement. There at this time of year, I often use a fan heater initially to get the room up to temperature and then turn it off, just relying on the central heating. At home I work on the theory that if coconut oil is close to being liquid at room temperature, it is warm enough.

I do find that with one or two clients, their ideal temperature is a fraction warmer than I would prefer but then I am dressed and being active during the session whereas my clients are lying down with their back fully exposed for part of the session which is a large area of skin, so the room does need to be warmer than my ideal!

I also find myself using more oils that are warming in nature at this time of year.

Cardamom, black pepper, Eucalyptus and others are ones I use more along with Juniper and Citrus oils which to me always have a Christmas feel to them.