Mental Health in the news again.

Yesterday, this was in the news again, almost one in four women aged seventeen to nineteen suffers from a mental health problem. The figure for young men is about  half that but has still risen over the past ten years. And young men are still more likely to actually succeed in killing themselves.

Perhaps even more worrying than these figures is the level of response from the NHS. 37% are not accepted for treatment and 32% are still waiting for treatment at the end of a year. These figures are for UK but I understand there are similar changes in most Western countries.

When looking at reasons for this, it is difficult to be sure. The BBC article I linked to mentions that those spending four hours a day or more on social media are at higher risk but it may be that it is the problems these young people face that lead them to spend more time on social media rather than what happens there increasing their risk.

My instinct (I don’t have research to back this up) leads me to think of a few reasons.

  1. Young people spending less time in nature and getting less exercise. (There is research indicating that exercise can help with depression.)
  2. Peer pressure with regards to relationships and sex. (This has always been around but is more public with social media.)
  3. Cyber-bullying. Certainly some of those I have had contact with have suffered this but whether it is true for a large percentage I don’t know.

I believe that Aromatherapy can help young people deal with this problem. Touch which is not about sex is important and massage is one way of helping people understand this. The essential oils can help the individual to get more in touch with nature.

If you are the parent or guardian of a young person who needs help but is not getting it through the mainstream channels why not book them an aromatherapy massage. I am more than happy to talk to them if they are unsure what it entails. There is also information about it on this site.

I worked in in-patient child and adolescent mental health as a nurse for twenty-five years which means I have the knowledge and skills to recognise if someone does really need to be seen by mental health professionals and am willing to help if there is difficulty accessing services. There are private psychologists with experience in the field at the clinic where I work. I don’t know what their charges are however.