A treatment or a luxury?

 Many people view massage and aromatherapy as a luxury or something nice to enjoy on a day off. Others see it as a treatment for depression, stomach problems, back pain or many other complaints. Some of my clients have a third view and see it as a prophylactic treatment to prevent problems occurring. But, out of these and possibly other views, which is correct?

As is so often the case when I get a question like this the answer is, “It Depends.” Any of these answers can be correct for the individual concerned. Many of my clients only come when there is a problem, more often than not stress caused by either personal issues or a work situation. Other do treat it as a luxury and only come at times like birthdays or if given a session as a present though some of these do come back later.

Sleep is another issue that brings me clients, either difficulty getting to sleep or difficulty in sleeping through the night. Some of these clients come regularly in order to maintain a good sleep pattern.

So, do not be put off by what others say about aromatherapy or massage. If I was on the minimum wage, I would certainly see it as a luxury. As it is I think of it as something that helps keep my body in good working order as well as enabling me to learn from other practitioners working on my body.