The Dark Time of the Year

Tomorrow is the winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night. A time often described as one for going inward and reflecting. At the same time, those who look after animals or those in need due to ill health be that physical or mental, see no reduction in their workload.

I often see clients at this time of year who are struggling to cope with the demands of family or the festive season in general because their needs do not match those of the people around them.

I offer the chance to relax in silence during an aromatherapy massage treatment with oils chosen to meet your needs (and preferences) or to tell your story to an attentive ear if that is what you need. Oils can be chosen to aid going inwards or help strengthen you for what you must face as well as for many other reasons. The choice is y

Whatever your reasons for needing or wanting an aromatherapy massage, I have a range of oils that all capture the energy of the sun in a bottle to suit your needs.