Problems with sleep, come in the top five reasons people come to me for an aromatherapy massage. As with any problem, there may be things that aromatherapy can not address, however even if it doesn’t provide a long term solution which may require addressing the reason for sleep problems, my clients have all found at least short term benefit and most have found longer term improvements as well.

Of course, where possible, I choose oils and make the massage address reasons for the difficulty with sleep but I have yet to find an oil that can stop roadworks outside a client’s house during the daytime when they are working night shifts!

Oils that have helped my clients with this in the past include just about all of the Citrus oils, Frankincense, Lavender (some find this exacerbates problems) Roman and German Chamomile, Cypress, Geranium and many others.

Frankincense and Bitter Orange or Bergamot are particularly useful when a client is feeling stressed and stuck in a situation. Occasionally I may use a more stimulating oil like ginger or Rosemary, though not just before a client retires to bed if muscular aches are the cause of difficulty.

Whatever the issue, I will help identify the reasons for poor sleep and with you choose oils to address those reasons, (Roadworks excepted.)