Cold is something we all react differently to. However, it is worth noting that in cold dry weather such as the -4C outside as I write this, it is surprisingly easy to become a little dehydrated which affects among other bodily systems our ability to metabolise food.

The other major area we are affected by cold is our skin. Many people get cracked lips in this weather and quite a few though not as many as have lip problems suffer from dry and cracked skin on the hands.

These problems are much easier to prevent than to treat and something that can prevent the drying out of skin or lips such as the beeswax skin balm I make which can be used on either is ideal for this.

It also helps once problems emerge but why not get some of this balm, made with beeswax from my own bees kept here on the allotments in Trumpington, organic olive oil and essential oils of Frankincense and Geranium before problems arise?

It is only £7 for a 60ml pot plus £2.95 postage for one or two jars.