Restoring Our Balance

In the system of philosophy that comprises the Eastern medical tradition almost any illness or problem be that medical, spiritual or emotional can be thought of in terms of our energy being out of balance. While this can and does sometimes fall down (I don’t want someone balancing my Chakras if I have a broken leg!) I find that for the vast majority of my clients it is a useful concept.

Indeed many of my clients come because they feel that their life is out of balance and they are not doing enough for themselves compared with work or looking after others.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are many different energies that can be out of balance. Best known is the Yin/Yang balance and all of us, male and female need the right balance, there is also hot/cold and damp/dry, all of which can be out of balance in different parts of the body or in the “organs” of the body, some of which from TCM do not actually have a physical existence. It can perhaps be best to think of those particular imbalances in terms of their effects on us rather than get caught up in how a non-existent organ can possibly affect us!

The other thing that can put us out of balance is if our energy is blocked. This is often the case when we are feeling stuck in a relationship or with some project we are working on.

Massage can help us to move on through allowing us to relax and stop focussing on the blocks which paradoxically can help us move past or through them. Essential Oils that clients often choose to help include Frankincense, Citrus oils including both Sweet and Bitter Orange, Bergamot, Grapefruit and Lemon oils.

Massage is of course not the only way in which we can gain benefit from essential oils. They can also be used in a diffuser and I make a skin balm using beeswax from my own bees, organic olive oil and essential oils.

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