Full Body Massage

I am often asked what a full body massage entails. In other posts I have made it clear that the client is in full control over what is and isn’t massaged or certainly what isn’t! There are areas I wouldn’t massage even if asked to do so!

I will outline what I normally cover in a full body massage and point out some of the areas that clients more frequently ask to be left out.

I start with work on the back and shoulders including the buttocks for those comfortable with this, with the client lying face down. This is followed by the back of the legs after which the client turns over and the front of the legs is done. I get the occasional client who wants the feet missed out.

Next is the abdomen, an area some therapists don’t do but which many of my clients find one of the most beneficial parts of a massage. I have had two or three clients ask that I don’t do the abdomen.

I then massage the arms before doing further work on the neck and shoulders. If the client feels comfortable with it I will massage the area between the breasts as taught in my training with ITHMA

After this, I will then massage the face, then finally the head. The face is an area a number of clients ask me not to massage because they are wearing make up which they don’t want ruined and the head is also missed out on some clients because they don’t want oil on their hair. (One client this only happens when she is going out after the session.)

Do comment if you have any questions or would like to know more.