Aromatherapy for Health

Aromatherapy, massage or indeed a visit to the GP or hospital is something that is seen by many as something for when we are ill. The National Health Service is viewed by most whatever they call it as a National Illness Service. Sadly this means that the idea of taking action to improve our resilience and chances of staying healthy is not a priority either for health professionals or ourselves.

This is true also to a large extent for my practice. Only a small percentage of my clients come regularly in order to maintain their health and prevent problems. For those that do, I have seen changes in their lives for the better, both physically and psychologically.

Top athletes know that massage works to improve their health and reduce the risk of injuries. However you do not need to have Aromatherapy massage twice a week in order to see an improvement. My clients who come once a month or even every two months have all reported health benefits.

So if you would like to find out how Aromatherapy Massage can help you, do get in touch via the book now button or the contact form from this site.