Bringing Joy into your Life

A common complaint among clients (and others!) is a lack of joy in their lives. While this is very common in those suffering from depression it is not that unusual in others. Bringing Joy into our lives is a way of increasing our resilience to adverse life events and indeed the genetics that can make some more prone to depression and other psychological problems, not necessarily to the extent where they become a clinical problem.


An aromatherapy massage is a way to increase the amount of joy in your life. Many essential oils can help promote this, including all of the citrus family, Rose, Jasmine, Pine, Juniper and many more. Exactly which oils will help bring joy in your life depends on many factors, perhaps the most important being which aromas you enjoy the most!

However what all of these oils have in common is their ability to help reduce blocks in both our energy flow and our psychological thinking. Crucial to our ability to enjoy life is a belief that this is allowed or permissible. Too many people in today’s world have thought patterns or view of the world that say, “Because their is so much wrong with the world I can’t have fun.” The reality is that those of us who can have fun and enjoy  ourselves stand more chance of making a difference to the rest. If we are allowed joy, so is everyone else!