Spring, at least here in Cambridge has arrived. The sun is shining, my bees are busy and some of them are even finding things other than oil seed rape to forage on which is always a good sign as it means the honey will be nicer.

One thing it does mean for users of essential oils is that with Citrus oils and Basil essential oil we need to be a little careful. These oils contain substances that can cause photo-sensitivity. Potentially severe blistering of the skin. Fortunately, I have never seen this in person, only on photographs. It does not happen with everyone. If it did, the public would be far more aware of it. However anyone can develp this sensitivity. The more often your skin is exposed to these oils and the sun (or a UV lamp afterwards, the more likely it is to happen

With this in mind if having a massage with these oils, do not go out in strong sunlight for twelve hours after the massage. Also even now, do not spend more than a few minutes exposed at mid day.

And enjoy the essential oil bearing plants that are in flower at the moment. Around here both Bay and Rosemary are in full bloom at the moment.