Getting the most from an Aromatherapy Massage

The consultation is the key to getting the most out of an aromatherapy or other massage. It tells the practitioner what your aims for the treatment are and enables them to tailor the treatment to your needs.

Essential oils will be chosen with you to maximise the benefits. Again it is important that this is done with you as if I just choose the essential oils that I think best equipped to treat a condition or problem you have, it may be an oil that you hate. I have never had a reaction as strong as hate to an oil but I have had times when a client dislikes the oils that would be my first choice.

There are always several alternative oils for any problem/diagnosis/issue. For physical things some practitioners may use an oil that the client isn’t too keen on. For psychological conditions this approach is worse than useless and is likely to actually detract from the massage rather than help it. This will be especially true if the scent of an oil is associated with an unpleasant experience.

With around sixty oils to choose from, I have yet to find a client for whom there isn’t an appropriate oil/oils to help. My message is to say what oils you like or don’t like. Make your massage one where the sense of smell enhances rather than detracts from the experience!