New Clients

It is always exciting to see a new client but sometimes it can be daunting too. Will they have some rare condition I have never heard of? Will they be a practitioner themselves? Will they enjoy the massage? Will they want to come back for another appointment.

What makes seeing a new client much easier is if they have filled in all the questions on the form that the book now button links to. This gives me the chance to look up any rare conditions or remind myself of oils for a condition I don’t see very often.

However, I treat clients rather than conditions and I try and always do so in an holistic manner. I find it hard to remember a client who had only physical or only emotional issues to deal with. Yes, one might be and usually is top of the client’s list but it is only by paying attention to both of these that I can do my best for the client.

So, don’t be surprised if when you come with back problems I ask about your work load? Think of the saying, so and so looks as if they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. Sometimes easing that weight is more important than easing the aching muscles.

In the same way, if a client complains of anxiety, I will ask about their physical symptoms e.g. indigestion, etc.

Treating you an an whole person will always give better results than just treating they symptom at the top of your list.