Beeswax Wraps

This week I will be trying my hand at something new. I will be making some beeswax wraps using old cotton, wax from my bees, resin from a tree in our garden and jojoba or possibly coconut oil.

Collecting the resin from a tree in the garden will be a first for me as well. It may take longer than I expect in which case it may be next week that I make the wraps! Initially I will just be making a few more for our own use at home. If successful, I will also make some to sell to friends and others locally

I see this as a way to initially cut down our own use of plastic. (We are already using some of these wraps that we have bought but, having my own bees who provided some rent last week in the form of both honey and wax, I will be able to use some of the wax for this as I have enough to do something else as well as make the skin balm that I have been doing for some years.

I will post on this subject again when I am able to report on how easy or otherwise this project is!

I am hoping that it will be quicker than extracting honey and not need as much time clearing up afterwards!

And In the box is most of a swarm which will be a new colony for a new bee keeper.