Permaculture, Aromatherapy, Lifelong Learning

In most professional fields, lifelong learning forms an important part of any individual’s development. The permaculture Design Process is one way to facilitate this with reflection and tweaking of designs built in to the process.

From time to time, there are new (to me) essential oils that appear on the market. Occasionally these new oils will be ones that are either better for a particular condition or just provide another option for using with some of my clients.

Agnus Castus was one such oil, proving more effective than others with some of my clients suffering while going through the menopause. It is also reputed to be good for those with other menstrual problems but I have yet to test this out.

I have recently embarked on my Diploma in Advanced Permaculture design. This will hone my skills in using the process as well as helping me increase my knowledge in a wide range of areas.

Observation is the key in this. Observation is an active process and means really paying attention to what is going on. If with a client, I need to pay attention to what they are saying to me but also to muscle tension, rate of breathing, skin condition among others. I am looking forward to what this adventure in learning will bring both for myself and for those I work with in Aromatherapy and other fields.