Don’t put it off.

More than one client I have seen, especially those for whom an appointment with me is their first experience of massage have spent weeks or even longer deciding about having their first massage, be that aromatherapy or not.

I think that is largely because, for whatever reasons, massage is not mainstream in British culture and is often associated with the seedy side of the business rather than therapy.

It is I would say fairly easy to distinguish between the two. I would not respond to an advert which talks about the physical attributes of the person doing the massage. On one site, despite it being against the site guidelines, when I used to use that site myself, I used to regularly see one man advertising for female clients. I would certainly advise any women I know to avoid that one.

My advice is to check the therapists qualifications. Does their website say where they trained? Does it tell you about their professional association? Not doing so doesn’t mean they are not well qualified or are not legitimate, it just makes it harder to check.

Do they work at a clinic where there are other therapists working? If they do, there is almost certainly another check made about their insurance and qualifications. There certainly is at the one where I work. However many legitimate therapists do work from home. I do myself sometimes but, I won’t see a new client I know nothing about at home for the first appointment and I would advise clients against seeing someone at home for the first session as well.

What does this have to do with procrastinating before making an appointment? Well concerns about the legitimacy of a therapist and how to assess that are one of the things that put people off. The other one for those who have not tried massage and or aromatherapy before is wondering whether it will help or not.

What I will say on that one is that I will never promise to cure a condition. I will say whether I think I am able to help or not.

So if you are putting off the decision, do some checking out of myself or other therapist first. Does what they write on their site make sense? Do they make claims that would be very difficult to verify? Once you have some answers, type that email or phone them up.