Exam time again plus hay fever season.

It is exam time again, A levels, GCSE’s, University etc. For some this will always be a time of stress, sometimes for those taking the exams, sometimes for their parents or others in the home!

If this is you or someone you know, why not book an aromatherapy massage for them or for yourself?

While there are oils that are good for stress, and for aiding recall, Frankincense, Citrus oils for the former and Rosemary and Vetiver for the latter among others, I will always do a consultation and choose oils with a client aimed at helping them achieve their aims for the session. If the oil top of my list for something is one you can’t stand, it is much better to choose another!

For those who suffer from hayfever, this time can be a double whammy and make seeking help even more important.

That said, essential oils can make a small difference to hayfever but will not cure it so if using them do not stop following the advice of your doctor. If things improve and you want to try without over the counter medication, test it out on non exam days first!