Allowing Others to Care

Having spent thirty years or more in the NHS before taking early retirement to work as an Aromatherapist and Massage Practitioner, I know how easy it is to always be in the role of carer and never to allow others to be the ones giving care.

Many who come to me for an Aromatherapy Massage have also been in that position and their coming to me is a big step in allowing themselves to be cared for rather than to always be the ones doing the caring. If you are in that position it is perhaps time to think about whether this is good for you or those you care for.

Allowing others to care for us and here I am not only talking about Aromatherapy and Massage, is in my view vital in enabling us to care for others better.

I won’t give a list of nurturing essential oils here as I believe all of them can come under that category. Just to say that booking an appointment for a massage is a great way of caring for yourself and recharging your reserves for doing what you love.