Listen to it Pour!

As I listen to the rain outside, before preparing to cycle into the clinic to see a new client, I am reminded of my love-hate relationship with the rain. Today it is just a little too cool to go out in it and work on the allotment as if it were a sunny day, thankful for not having to carry watering cans to all corners of the plots! It keeps my bees at home rather than busy collecting nectar that they would then turn into honey in order to pay me some rent in return for housing them. Some would also be turned into wax that I use to make my skin balm.

We do have many crops on the allotment such as potatoes that will really benefit from the rain so not all is bad. However, I do wish it would stop at one o-clock so I could arrive at my place of work dry! As it is, I will need to set off ten minutes earlier than I normally wood in order to ensure I am dry before my client arrives. I would also like it to be dry when I cycle home again rather than have to dry off again afterwards! This does unfortunately seem unlikely!

What I will do is enjoy the warmth of the room while I do the massage! It has to be warm enough for my client to cope with it undressed and I tend to aim for just a bit more warmth as it makes the muscles easier to work.