As today, I hit the ripe old age of … I am reminded of how differently things are celebrated in different families and cultures and how this changes over time even within families.

Most of those I know, celebrate with cakes and candles at least up to the age of eighteen and then for significant ones ending in a nought! (Both my mother and mother in law celebrated their 90th birthdays earlier this year.)

Other rituals include meals out, trips to special places etc.

Another option is an aromatherapy massage. I think from memory I did three or four birthday massages last year and have done two so far this year. As well as massages, I also do a skin balm made using wax from my own bees and organic olive oil and essential oils. This is particularly good for those who spend a lot of time working in the garden or on the allotment. (I often use it before going to the allotment to help protect my hands. (This helps prevent them getting in a state where I would be embarrassed to practice massage with them!)

So, for a birthday or other special occasion why not think about a massage as a present? £45 for an hour or £55 for ninety minutes. We could even make this part of Cambridge culture so everyone gets a massage for their birthday!