More on Mental Health

Student Mental Health was in the news again today, with the announcement that teachers will all be trained in how to spot signs of mental health problems.

Presumably, teachers will then have to act on any problems they detect, thus taking away still more time from their core discipline of teaching.

Don’t get me wrong, pastoral care by teachers and lecturers is important and I think this is a good idea. However I know from my ex colleagues working in the mental health system that already they do not have the staff to see everyone who is referred and if this initiative increases the number of referrals this waiting list problem will only get worse.

Only those considered at, “significant risk of self harm” will be seen. Of course under pressure some who should be seen will be missed.

I am also seeing this in my aromatherapy practice. About three quarters or more of my clients come for mental health reasons. (Not surprising when many pages on my website talk about my experience in this area.) What I find sad is that many of these prior to some of the cuts in mental health services would have been able to get help via these channels.

While I do not work as a counsellor I also still have the skills I learned while working in child and adolescent mental health. This means I will be able to pick up on those who might need more intensive help from mental health services as well as being able to listen and give full attention to my clients before we choose together essential oils best suited to help with their identified goals.

If you need positive attention in your life, some nurturing of a type you are unable to give yourself and have not been able to get this via statutory services, do click on the book now button to let me know in strict confidence a little more about yourself and how I might be able to help. Remember it is fine to bring a friend or relative with you. I need this if you are under sixteen.