Caring for Ourselves

Caring for ourselves is one of the most important things we do because unless we manage this adequately, we are unable to care for others.

This view of the world is sometimes challenged by people pointing to the sacrifices made by thousands of people over the years ranging from parents going without food to allow their children to eat to soldiers giving up their lives for their fellows.

I would argue that without caring for themselves adequately prior to making these sacrifices they would not be in a position to think about putting their children first or able to put themselves in the position to give their lives for others without panicking.

How we nurture ourselves is of course going to be different for each one of us. It may be as simple as going to bed early. I may use some of the skin balm I make with organic olive oil and wax from my bees kept on the allotments here in Cambridge.

Or sometimes I go for a massage for myself rather than just giving one. (I do really enjoy giving massage and find the experience almost meditative so that can be nurturing as well.)

Adding essential oils to make a massage an aromatherapy treatment increases the level of nurturing for both myself and for most of my clients. (I have one client who is worried about her many allergies and so doesn’t use essential oils.)

If you are running on empty when it comes to looking after yourself and or others why not book an aromatherapy massage treatment for just £45 or £55 depending on whether you want an hour or ninety minutes?