Why not have a massage?

Yes, there are reasons to not have a massage but they are few. The most common one is if you have a pyrexia or fever. (I usually take that to mean temperature above 37C.) This is probably the most common reason for a client not being able to have a massage at my practice in Cambridge. Other reasons would include recent cuts or burns or other injury however later often this would only mean the affected area had to be avoided. Scarring from burns or other trauma can often benefit from massage which can speed up healing and reduce the visibility of scars.

Varicose veins have been cited as a contraindication but gentle massage over the area is still possible.

Open sores would be a contraindication but they are just not common enough for the issue to have come up in my Cambridge practice or those of most of my colleagues.

Another area for caution is, when clients have been receiving long term steroid therapy, particularly at high doses. This can lead to very thin and fragile skin making the more vigorous forms of massage a complete no no.

To summarise, there are very few absolute reasons to not have a massage. So don’t delay! Pick up that phone or click on the book now button!