Keep it safe with essential oils.

Increasingly over the past year I have seen suggestions on other blogs and Facebook posts for using essential oils undiluted on the skin as well as for ingesting them.

Please do not do this. These practices are not safe. If you see any practitioner suggesting this or adverts suggesting it, challenge them.

Remember if used appropriately, essential oils are very safe. There are a few where one should avoid exposure to the sun for twelve hours afterwards, most are citrus oils but Basil and Tagetes also fall into this category. Sun beds are also contraindicated after using these oils even diluted.

I have never seen the severe blistering that can occur from this but even if you have used the oils and been out in the sun following their use and had no reaction, it does not mean it won’t happen next time. The risk is just not worth taking!

I remind clients of this even if they have come for an evening appointment.

The people who sell essential oils with these dangerous suggestions are mostly involved with a pyramid type scheme even though the details protect it from being closed down under legislation.

Buy your oils from reputable sources and check that your therapist is a member of a professional association. Their rules will guarantee that they are trained regarding essential oils safety and that they will not take stupid risks.

And do book an aromatherapy massage with myself or another therapist who does play by the rules.