Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is a part of any profession these days. In Aromatherapy, for myself, it is a mixture of reading books, professional journals, workshops and webinars among other things. But above all, it is learning from my clients! Each person that comes to me has a unique background, exactly what they need from the session is unique to them and that day. Unless I can learn from them each time they come to me, they are not getting value for money

This is why the consultation is so important in an Aromatherapy Massage. It is a time when I can find out what the client, the foremost expert on themselves wants and needs on that day. Sometimes, a client tells me a piece of information months or years after the first ever appointment that changes what oils we might choose together for the treatment. Most recently this was a client with a childhood trauma that they decided they were ready to deal with. It does not make the previous treatments wrong, just changes what is needed on that day and sometimes in the future.

If you see an aromatherapist or any other therapist, it is vital that they listen to you and what your needs are. This is as important as the actual therapy they provide.