The Best time for an Aromatherapy Massage

Let me start by saying, almost any time is good. However I personally avoid having a massage just after eating. Today as I look outside at the rain, I am aware that just about any time of day would be good, however yesterday I would if doing a massage earlier in the day have to be careful with some oils as they can cause hypersensitivity to ultra violet light. (Or more plainly cause a reaction which results in bad blistering if the client goes out in strong sunlight after using these oils.)

I don’t know what the risk is statistically because it would be very difficult if not impossible to research this in an ethical way. I haven’t seen it myself but I always warn clients when I use these oils (Bergamot is the most common one.) and most of the clients where I use them I schedule for late afternoon/early evening making the risk very low.

A massage shortly before retiring for the night will often not surprisingly help a client to sleep well though feedback from a number of clients suggests that an aromatherapy massage at any time of day helps with sleep that night and for some of my clients for the next few nights.

So the real answer to the question is, “What time suits you best?” or possibly when does the therapist have a slot I can make!