Sleep Paralysis

Let me start by saying what this is. Sleep paralysis occurs when the brain pattern associated with rapid eye movement sleep occurs when we are awake, Usually but not always just after waking up. The person experiencing it is awake but is unable to make any conscious movement with the exception of blinking eyes with some. It is thought many experience this at least once in their lives and that it’s function is to prevent us responding in a dangerous way to a dream. E.g falling down stairs.

I have talked to three people who experience this in the past week, two of them clients. One of the two clients recognises that she experiences it more when stressed. There is no recognised medical treatment for this. I am sure hypnosis has been tried but I do not know with what success. In my Aromatherapy Practice I do not attempt to treat it directly but in both cases did choose oils associated with treating stress such as Frankincense. Because the clients have not come with this in the past, and given the sporadic nature of the phenomenon I will not know quickly if it has any effect or not. Indeed I may never know.

I do see many clients with stress related conditions and will start checking if they experience this during consultations.