Stress, Sleep and Depression

These are probably the most common reasons I see clients along with Anxiety. I also see regular posts on Facebook from people who have been told or feel they have been told that if they sort their psychological stuff out then their chronic illness will stop being a problem.

I have never said that and never will. Depression is not unusual among those with a chronic illness however. Research shows that over seventy-five per cent of those with chronic pain for instance also suffer from depression. But that still leaves a lot of people with chronic pain who are not depressed!

So to return to the subject matter of Depression, Sleep and Stress. If stress is causing a problem, obviously the ideal choice is to deal with the cause of the stress. However as an example, I have a brother who has pancreatic cancer. If that were causing stress problems for himself, or anyone in the family or who knows him, it is not something we can change easily. What we may be able to change is how we deal with that stress. Massage and Aromatherapy may well be able to help with depression as a result of it. It can certainly help with sleep problems but it is not a one size fits all solution. Frankincense is one of my go to oils for this but if the individual has an unpleasant experience associated with this aroma, it may even worsen things for them. Bergamot is one of my favourite oils when dealing with the stagnation and blocked energy of depression. My other half really doesn’t like the smell of it.

Fortunately , whenever the first choice of an oil for a condition is blocked, there are always other choices. Lemon and other citrus oils can be used instead of Bergamot. There are other oils that have similar effects to Frankincense which has been used as an aid to meditation in temples for at least a thousand years before the Christian churches started using it.

Similarly, I have a few clients where traumatic experiences mean that massage, sometimes from anyone, sometimes from a male therapist is not something they can tolerate. In these cases, I might give them one of the skin balms I make using organic olive oil and essential oils along with beeswax from my own bees and they can use it in their homes.

However, not many of these clients are going to come to me, a male therapist in the first place! I have had only two in six years and one of them was able to cope with massage with a second female in the room. But I was prepared to stop at any time should she have needed it.