Essential Oils, Aromatic Plants

Essential oils all have functions for the aromatic plants they come from. These range from attracting pollinating species to stopping animals eating them. Horseradish being one of the latter, though that has never stopped me.

The use of these aromatic substances should not be restricted to the concentrated distilled essence of essential oil from a bottle however. A bunch of rosemary branches kept above a radiator can infuse a room with the aroma for instance and of course, as a culinary herb, the essential oil from it can enhance many meals. Herbs have also been used to enhance many alcoholic drinks over the years, hops in beer being just one of many examples.

Southern Wood, one of the artemesia (Rue) family is another herb that can be put in a warm place or simply rub it in your hands and inhale. It has a very uplifting aroma. Another leaf that is perhaps more surprising that you can do this with is Walnut.

Zest from citrus fruit can also be used in many different culinary applications or rub the whole fruit in your hands and again inhale the aroma.

So do not limit your enjoyment of natures smells to your aromatherapy massage or even to what comes in a bottle. Of course do have aromatherapy massages. (If no one did that I would be out of a job!) But enjoy the other benefits of them as well. I have only touched on what is possible so do add your own ideas.