What do You Want from an Aromatherapy Massage?

If coming to me for a massage, I will always want to know what you want from the massage. One client recently just said, “a massage!” It was only when I asked some further questions that I elicited that she had some upper back problems, and also suffered from anxiety and depression. This is why ideally my clients will fill in a form prior to the appointment in as much detail as possible in order for me to think about how I can best help them as well as reducing the amount of time needed in the consultation or sometimes to make the consultation more fruitful.

Remember it is your massage! If there are oils you can’t stand, I will find others that can help with whatever issues you have. If you don’t want your face or head massaged because you have make up on prior to going out tell me! If there is a part of your body you don’t want massaged, tell

You are the expert on your own body and mind. Not me. I have skills from over twenty-five years tht I worked as a mental health nurse and from my Aromatherapy training and experience but if it is the first time I have seen you or even the fiftieth, you are the only one who has lived with your body and mind for your whole life and I need that expertise in order to do my best for you.