Making Aromatherapy Work for You.

Whenever I see a new client, I am eager to know what would make them feel that the Aromatherapy Massage treatment worked and they got what they wanted from the session. When I worked in child and adolescent mental health on an inpatient unit I would ask the question on admission, “Assuming the admission works, what would be different when you are discharged, be that in three days, three weeks or three months or any other time scale?”

I ask a version of this question now with my clients, especially if they are going to be clients on a long term basis. It is all too easy to just accept a generality such as, “feel more relaxed,” “have less pain,” “be less anxious and depressed,” etc. In the mental health setting, I would always follow up that sort of answer with, “And how would I or someone else who could see you know that your were feeling less depressed/anxious etc? What would you be doing differently?

This for me both when I worked in mental health and when I work now as an aromatherapist in Cambridge, UK it helps me set clear goals for treatment with my clients.

So, my message for both my fellow therapists and their and my own clients is work together to set clear goals. When you do, it is possible to get much more out of your sessions.