Colder Weather Time for a Massage

After a few false starts, the weather has started to cool down, at least here in Cambridge. Many I know have started to heat their homes or turned the heating up in the past week. My bees who provide wax for the skin balm I make (Sorry but it does have quite a few air miles!) are much less active though still bringing in Nectar and Pollen from the Ivy which they will continue to do on warmer days until the first frost kills off the flowers.

This makes it a time when I particularly enjoy a massage in a warm room. When I start the oil is warmed too but as I don’t have something that keeps it warm, it drops back to a warm room temperature as the Aromatherapy Massage progresses. There are also many oils that are warming in nature as we find the air temperature outside dropping. or 07939273569 to book or use the book now button which takes you to some questions that can reduce the time taken up by the consultation during the one hour or ninety minute appointment.