Trust and Aromatherapy

How do you know that an aromatherapist or other therapist for that matter practises safely? Obviously there is no absolute guarantee. But the first place to check is their professional association. (Mine is the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists.) If a therapist of any sort is not a member of a professional association which has a code of conduct that you can read on their website, do not use them.

This is not because they are inevitably dodgy but without professional association membership, they will not be able to get insurance in case something does go wrong. And of course, professional associations do have procedures for getting rid of bad apples.

What prompted this post is a request via my website today for a type of Aromatherapy I consider unsafe as does my professional association. I explained why I did not offer this therapy which involves using undiluted essential oils directly on the skin to the potential client along with information about what I do offer. In this case the reason for wanting an Aromatherapy massage was Fibromyalgia but I get a smattering of requests for this and other practices I consider unsafe for various conditions because someone has read about them on a website that promotes them.

Any reputable Aromatherapist will only treat you after a proper consultation to rule out contraindications for aromatherapy or particular essential oils. They will also treat you as an individual rather than just a condition be that ME, Lyme’s disease or any other. This is because any illness will affect different people in different ways. A blanket approach may help some but be useless at best for others. Remember, you are the expert on your own body and mind and how any illness affects it!