Safety First!

This week, I have seen Facebook posts about how effective taking Essential Oils internally has really helped someone and also been contacted by someone asking if I did a type of Aromatherapy that involves putting Essential Oils directly onto the skin. Both of these are practices that are unsafe and could potentially in the first case be fatal. (Essential oil use is rarely fatal but all the cases I have read about involve the ingestion of essential oils. I have yet to see a reaction to essential oils used appropriately diluted on the skin.

Of course, the risk of this is reduced by the fact that I only do Massage using the Essential oils after a consultation which sometimes rules out use of some oils and if using the citrus oils and a few others, I always warn clients about the risks of exposure to sunlight or sunbeds afterwards. Again, I have only seen pictures of the blistering that can occur. I am of course careful of my own arms after doing a massage with these oils.

Some Essential Oil suppliers will only sell some of these oils to qualified therapists but all can be obtained by anyone with a bit of internet searching. I am not going to say only use them after a conversation or consultation with a qualified aromatherapist but I will say, research the oils you use first. (By this I mean check out Oshadi, or another supplier who has good information on their website. Do not be taken in by claims that Frankincense Essential Oil for instance can cure cancer. The cytotoxic substance in Frankincense that is being researched in this respect is not even in the Essential Oil.

Remember, used correctly these substances are very safe. Please always dilute essential oils in a carrier oil before use.