Christmas and the Festive Season

Despite what the current political season might tell you, we are approaching the festive season. This for many means a time of consumerist mayhem. For others it means trying to avoid the same. I am this year attempting to ensure all my gifts are ones that are kind to the planet. This means some things I make myself such as skin balm made from organic olive oil, essential oils and wax from my own bees. It also means things made by other people local to me or to the people the gifts are for.

If in the Cambridge area, as well as the skin balm I make (£7 for a 60ml pot) I also do aromatherapy massages. £50 one hour, £60 ninety minutes. A massage with essential oils chosen with the client to suit their needs and aims for the treatment makes an ideal present for Yuletide or birthdays or other special occasions.