Why people don’t come for massage.

Over the years, I have heard a number of reasons why people don’t go for massage. These are just a few of them and my response to each.

They will judge my body and or lifestyle.
No we will not! Or at least I don’t and the vast majority of therapists I know will not. We see bodies of every shape and size from the super-fit to the most unfit. Arguably it is the unfit who will benefit most from massage and aromatherapy.

My stomach always gurgles when I relax.
Yes. That is what I expect it to do. The parasympathetic nervous system is more active when we relax which leads to increased peristalsis as the gut pushes the food being digested around the system.

I could only trust someone I know with seeing and touching my body.
Yes, I have a few clients like that who would not go to a therapist they did not know and trust already. I also have clients who would only go to a therapist they didn’t know personally!

I would have to make sure I shaved (insert body part here.)
No you wouldn’t. It makes no difference to me or to most massage therapists whether you have shaved legs/armpits etc before a massage irrespective of whether we as individuals do so or not.

It might be painful.
Deep tissue and sports massage can be painful. However any therapist worth their salt will listen to and be guided by you with regards to how much pressure they apply. Massage does not have to be painful!

As well as the above I will also point out that if a client does not want me to massage any particular part of the body I will respect that. Most common is the head with clients not wanting oil on their hair. (one regular client always lets me know if she is going out that evening because of this but otherwise enjoys it.) Some don’t want the face done because of makeup. Others want me to miss out he soles of the feet because they are ticklish even with very firm pressure. Another client who had abdominal scars from cancer surgery did not want her belly massaged. All these are absolutely fine. Ideally it is good to know in advance so that I can balance the time I spend on other parts of the body.

The reality is there are very very few reasons not to have a massage and of these even fewer are medical. The vast majority of medical reasons just mean missing out some parts of the body or reducing the pressure. The most common complete no-no is a very high pyrexia or temperature but it is unlikely many would want a massage then anyway!

If you think a massage might help but are worried about it for any of the above reasons or some other reason, why not contact me and find out if it really is a problem or not?