Happy New year!

Wishing all my readers a happy new year, whether clients or not. This is a time when many are making (and breaking just as quickly) resolutions. One of mine and I hope many others in Cambridge is to get more massage! This is something that helps me and my clients feel better physically and mentally with essential oils chosen with the client to meet their aims for the treatment.

Looking for clarity of thought? First oil springing to my mind is Lemon. Wanting to feel pampered and looked after? Rose. Invigorated? Pine. Help with studying and remembering things? Rosemary. Relaxation? Lavender is one but there are so many that help with that you might choose Sweet Orange, Frankincense or one of a dozen others. Dealing with loss? Myrrh, but also Cypress, Hyssop or Rosemary.

Whatever you want from an Aromatherapy Massage, there are many oils to choose from so if the one that springs to my mind first is one you are not so keen on, there are always others that will work better for you.

If looking after yourself better is one of your resolutions do consider booking an Aromatherapy Massage in Cambridge. It is something that can make a real difference!