Essential Oils, Infection and the Corona Virus

I have over the past few weeks seen a number of posts on social media about this subject that are inaccurate, liable to give people a false sense of security and even dangerous. The last, being instructions to use something called, “Thieves Blend” internally.

I am not saying that essential oils are useless but the most important thing to lower your risk of catching this virus is to follow the advice given by healthcare experts.

Frequent Hand Washing.
Avoiding places where there are large numbers of people in a confined space.
Wearing a mask specifically designed for the purposes of protecting against infections. Most masks used are next to useless though they may reduce the risk of someone spreading the virus.

So, what can essential oils do?
There is some evidence that they can help the immune system but this effect is relatively small.
Especially as part of a massage, they can be an important part of reducing stress which can make us much more susceptible to infections.

Used in cleaning products many oils will kill viruses and bacteria on surfaces.

I personally, very rarely catch colds, I have had the flu only once in the past thirty years and that following the stress around my younger brother dying of cancer. I will not be so bold as to suggest it is because I am using essential oils several times a week but do believe they may play a part, as does my being generally healthy and spending time out doors most days.
Remember the Corona virus is probably less dangerous to you than the flu but the rules for avoiding them are both exactly the same. Stay healthy and stay safe!