The Climate is Changing

To me, having studied the subject I have no doubt it is getting warmer. What are the implications of this for me as an aromatherapist?

The most obvious one is that I won’t need to heat myh practice room as much!

However, there are likely to be other more subtle changes such as some changes in the reasons people come to see me. One possible example of this is with an increase in cloudy wet weather rather than clear skies and frost during the winter months, the decrease in light levels may lead to an increase in seasonal affective disorder and clients who are depressed in winter. There may be a decrease in asthma among those for whom it is triggered by the cold but the increase in air humidity might offset this. It is far too early to say.

While I don’t use them extensively in my practice, it may be possible to make changes in the herbs I grow. Things that once would have been killed off by severe frosts may well survive modern winters here.

Another change will be in where essential oil bearing plants are grown. The regions where some are grown is likely to change. Some may give increased yields and others reduced leading to price changes in both directions. Some oils may even become prohibitively expensive.

What won’t change is that massage using essential oils will still be something that will be of great benefit to many.