Working with Pain

Over the years, I have worked both as an aromatherapist and as a nurse with both acute and chronic pain. Some of the latter was as a general nurse and some as a mental health nurse.

If you come to me with pain issues, the first thing you need to know is that I believe you! It doesn’t matter whether the cause of the pain is cancer, a pulled muscle, how a broken bone has healed or even psychological. Your pain is real! Even if professionals have tried to tell you otherwise it is still real.

That does not mean I will know the cause of your pain and even if massage and aromatherapy help, it does not mean I will know the cause at the end of the day.

I will work with you to help you to relax your body more, reduce stress and in some cases to resolve muscle issues causing the pain. I will choose essential oils with you to target your chosen aims for the treatment. If you don’t like the oil that the book says is best for your pain, it is not going to help you relax and experience less pain. What I can say is that every client I have had come with pain as the primary problem has experienced some reduction in the severity of that pain. Some it has gone completely even.

If you experience pain, particularly chronic pain do consider an Aromatherapy Massage.