Covid-19 What now?

I am currently not doing any massage due to the risks of helping to spread the new corona virus. Neither I nor my other half who is the only other person living in the house have any symptoms but given that it is possible to be asymptomatic and still have the virus (though not very likely at our age) and that it can be passed on before symptoms occur it would be unprofessional and irresponsible to continue to practice.

I am able to offer vouchers at a £5 discount from the £50/hour, £60 for 90 minute treatments sessions which will need to be used within three months of the advice to self isolate being lifted.

I also know that many are getting sore hands and wrists from washing their hands more than would normally be necessary. For this I do still have a few of the skin balms I make with organic olive oil and essential oils along with wax from my own bees. These are £7 for a 60ml pot which is about half the price of a well known brand sold in our local supermarket.

I look forward to getting back to work later this year. In the meantime I will be spending a lot of time at our allotment!