Self Isolating.

Right now, this is what most of us should be doing for the health of ourselves and others. For some, solitude comes as a relief while for others this will be a difficult time. I will be making greater use of the free minutes I have on my phone to speak to others and maintain contact even if I am unable to meet up in person.

Essential oils can provide relief to. Smells can be evocative of all sorts of things to different people so in choosing essential oils to help while isolated, if a particular oil has unpleasant memories or disturbs you in some other way avoid it. (Even if the book does say it is the best oil for you.) The book does not know all your individual circumstances.

I personally find citrus oils uplifting and so will be using these, either a few drops on top of a small bowl containing boiling water or through a diffuser. If you do get symptoms of the Covid-19 virus, Eucalyptus, Thyme, Rosemary and Tea Tree are all oils that can help with symptomatic relief.

And while I am not working as a massage practitioner at the moment, if you are self isolating with family/partner of someone you feel comfortable with, why not practice massage with them as a way of combating the feelings of isolation?

Finally, why not take advantage of the £5 discount and buy a massage for when this is all over. To be taken within three months of restrictions being lifted.