Return to Work?

I stopped seeing or attempting to see clients for Aromatherapy Massage in Trumpington and central Cambridge before lockdown made this mandatory. I don’t currently know when I will be able to resume legally and at present I don’t know if I will resume as soon as allowed to.

That will depend on my own personal risk assessment of the risks to myself, family and clients.

While I am lucky in that I have a pension from the NHS that means I won’t starve, the fact that the pension constitutes over half my income means I am not eligible for any of the schemes the Government has made available to the self employed or for universal credit. I am doing a few hours a week working with an organic vegetable box scheme who have tripled their business since the corona virus became an issue.

I will continue to post during the time I am unable to work as a massage therapist/aromatherapist. and will of course say as soon as I am working again. I am also offering the opportunity for clients to pay for a treatment in the bank as it were at a £5 discount so £50 or £60 for one hour or ninety minute treatments as opposed to £55 and £65.

In the meantime, I am enjoying working on my allotment both growing veg and working with my bees.