Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Updated Thursday 5th May 2022.

Risk of transmission between client and practitioner.
1. Clients appointments will be cancelled if they have had Covid-19 symptoms within two weeks of the appointment.
2. No clients will be seen unless practitioner has been clear of any Covid-19 symptoms for at least two weeks.
Clients will be asked not to book if they have had close contact with anyone testing positive or having symptoms within two weeks prior to the appointment.
3. I am continuing to test weekly and will cancel if I have a positive test whether symptomatic or not. I will not see clients if symptomatic even if testing negative. (There are many other viruses which carry risks for vulnerable clients.)

Risk of transmission via the environment from clients previously in room or to subsequent clients.

1. Massage table and all surfaces will be cleaned with approved disinfectant between clients.
2. Full width couch roll will be used on table for all clients.
3. Clean towels and couch cover will be used for all clients.
4. Window will be opened for a minimum of fifteen minutes between clients.