Massage, Aromatherapy and Touch post Covid-19

This morning, Facebook reminded me of a post from three years ago which looked at how I deal with clients who have issues of shame about their body due to shape, abuse or sometimes unknown origin. The bottom line is that as a practitioner, I have to respect the client’s feelings and allow them to be in charge of what parts of their body I massage etc.

I have often wondered recently, what the psychological effect of social distancing is going to be in the long term. No hugs, touches on the shoulder or other physical comfort except from those within one’s own small bubble. Touch is for most a fundamental human need which if ignored in the very young can lead to severe psychological problems.

I am now able to see clients again, however wearing a mask and face shield feels very strange. (Face shield is mandatory in guidelines, mask is not but I will be wearing one. I will also see a maximum of two clients per day, have windows open if it is possible to keep the room warm enough and still do that. In the clinic windows will also be opened for a minimum of fifteen minutes between clients, all surfaces disinfected and soft coverings of massage tables changed between clients. I will also be changing tops/tunics, mask and face shields between clients, the last being disinfected after use, the former being washed.

I know many practitioners feel all these things potentially make their practice uneconomic. I hope that will not be the case for me. I do know that many have been missing out on massage because of the pandemic and I am sure that some of the measures in place to reduce the risk of returning to practice will be there for quite some time to come.

But, I am open for business and hope that I can provide some relief in these difficult times. There is some research now that there are essential oils that can disrupt the virus and may well be useful in reducing the spread of it. However this is still to early to make any claims.