Since posting this, the latest guidance from my professional association is that we should be doing no face to face work so what follows is for when restrictions are relaxed.

I, like many in UK am now living in Tier4 which means, “Close contact services” are not allowed. As ever, this is not quite as straightforward as it seems. And unsurprisingly, there are practitioners ignoring the guidance altogether. As with other breaking of the rules, in my view this risks exacerbating the problems caused by Covid-19.

As you may guess by my saying things are not as straightforward as they seem, there are circumstances where I am allowed to practice. This is subject to two tests. The first is that the prospective client has had no symptoms of the virus in the past seven days. (I am asking for fourteen days free of any possible symptoms.) I will send potential clients a Covid questionnaire to check on this before the appointment and check via text about this again twenty-four hours before the appointment.

The second condition that must be met is that there is a real medical need for the appointment. Until I am asked for an appointment, this remains hypothetical. The overwhelming majority of my clients are waiting till restrictions are less stringent and the risk from the virus is lower before asking for an appointment. As, one needs to look at the details of the rules to find this, I suspect very few clients will do so.

Unfair as it may be, I need to be convinced that there is a real need for the appointment as well as the potential client believing it to be needed.

I am still able to do consultations on line using Skype/Zoom/Face time to work out what oils either in a carrier oil or via a vapouriser might be most helpful. I am also still making a skin balm using essential oils of Geranium and Frankincense in organic olive oil and beeswax from my own bees.

Also to minimise the risk by reducing time in the room together, consultation before the appointment will be done either on-line or via phone.

If you have or think you have a real need for an appointment please do still get in touch whether the need is physical or mental health, the latter being a particular interest of mine. (I worked for over twenty-five years as a mental health nurse before starting my practice.)