Massage Again!

From the 12th of this month, massage and other close contact services will be allowed at last. This doesn’t mean things are back to normal, far from it. Practitioners still need to wear face masks and shields/goggles, clients need to wear masks coming through the building and we need to do a lot more cleaning before and after clients! I know to some this will seem like paranoia and to others still not enough for them to enjoy the massages they used to.

I will also only see clients who are prepared to fill in a consultation form online which includes questions about possible Covid-19 symptoms. I know the risk to myself is now relatively low having had my first dose of a vaccine but I need to guard against the small possibility that I could pass the virus on to clients and I also want to be able to visit my 94 year old father and 92 year old mother in law without risk to them. I will also only be seeing a limited number of clients till the risks are lower and will likely keep using a mask to protect clients even after it is no longer legally required.

With that in mind however I do expect to start seeing clients from Monday and am particularly interested in working with those who have suffered from the isolation of lock down and sharing in their experiences.