What do you want from your session?

I always ask clients this. Getting a history of medical and psychological issues is still important but what the client would like to get from an aromatherapy treatment my be totally different from what I might guess they want.

Earlier today, I was looking at a Facebook group for a rare condition. Someone asked there, “What do You tell a Doctor when asked what you want to accomplish?”

The answers were incredibly diverse and I experience the same differences with clients who have the same condition. Top of the list for the same physical condition might be, any of, a good night’s sleep, to be able to walk over a mile or to sit down without pain. There is just as much variation when it comes to psychological issues.

So if you come to me or any other practitioner tell them what you would like to achieve from the treatment, not what you think they want to hear but what you would value most. That will enable me or another therapist to choose the most appropriate essential oils or tailor the massage or other treatment to best achieve that. – A client with sleep issues could have goals as different as getting a good night’s sleep the night after the treatment or not falling asleep due to being so tired during a concert etc.

I will meet you with what you want from the treatment. I will also tell you if I feel I am unable to do so in which case I will say what I think I can help with.